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Immigrant Ship Reichstag

“Reichstag” Im 15/132 (Captain Hauschildt). Ships papers Im 5/4/14 no. 153
LDS Film No. 0472907.
(left Hamburg—10/05/1874 arriving at Wellington—06/08/1874)

Annis Franz 35, Veronika 30, Maria 4, Franz 3, Francisca 2, Anne 1—Kl. Turze.
Annis Regine 63—Kl. Malsau.
Bahra Peter 45, Helena 45, Rosa 12, Maria 7, Mina 6, Bernard 4—Czarnocin.
Chilkowski Francisca 17—Kl. Turze.
Gdanitz Thomas 27, Julianna 25—Bojahren.
Grenz Martin 44, Marianna 44, Anna 11—Gr Turze
Switala Johan 47, Francisca 45, Johan 17, Marianna 15, Michael 13, August 9, Jacob 5, Anton 3 —Kl. Malsau.
Szczepanski Jakub 35, Maria 44, Rosalia 14, Jozefina 12—Labuhnken
Wischnewski Michael 37, Anna 37, August 9, Jacob 5, Anton 3—Turze.

“The Germans by the Reichstag do not all hail from Vaterland. There are 100 Danes among: them. They were quite a happy family on the voyage, and their isolation on Soames Island is depriving them of chances of employment which they might otherwise have. We understand a number of them are anxious to proceed to Dunedin, where they already have friends and relations.—Tribune.” Wanganui Herald, 17 August 1874, p 2

“A certain morning production persists in exposing its ignorance by calling the. immigrants per Reichstag, Scandinavians. There are a few of them among them, but the bulk of them consists of German. There is as wide a difference: between the two nations as there is between French and English. A more offensive term could not be applied to a German than that of Scandinavian.” Wanganui Herald, 24 August 1874, p 2

“The last of the Reichstag’s passengers. — 68 souls — were disposed of today, being forwarded to Taranaki by the Taranaki, under arrangement with the provincial authorities. The rest of this vessel’s immigrants have been distributed as follows; — 35 were nominated by friends in Otago, and forwarded to that province; 54 have found employment at Marton, 65 in the Wairarapa,.11 at the Pelorus, 23 in Picton, 5 in Wanganui, 2 in Foxton, and 78 in this city. This makes the total of 341.” Evening Post, 29 August 1874, p 2

“WASTE LANDS BOARD.  SETTLEMENT OF GERMAN FAMILIES. A letter was read from Mr C. Hilgendorf, on behalf of several German families lately arrived per ships Reichstag and Sussex, applying for settlement of them in the Waihola township. He requested that the Board would grant to each family half an acre under the terms of the 29th clause of the 0tago Waste Lands Act, 1872. The Board had no power to grant the application.” Otago Daily Times, 27 August 1874, p 3


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Pobόg-Jaworowski J. W., History of the Polish Settlers in New Zealand, Warsaw, 1990, pages 12, 42 & 43




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