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Chiłkowski/Cherkowski Family



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Albrecht Cherkowski (Chiłkowski) (b. 1810–d. 1875) was born at Bączek on 20 April 1810, the son of Jozef Cherkowski (b. 1751–d. 1826) and Maryanna Klass (b. 1762–d. 1831).  Albrecht married on 5 May 1833 at the church of St. Jan Nepomuncen in Godziszewo to Katarzyna Stolc (b. 05 February 1814 Rymanowiec–d. 1881), the daughter of Andrzej Stolc (b. 1784–d. 1850) and Eleanora Schwerdfeger (b. 1789–d. 1829). The family born at Damaszka were: Jozefina (b. 1834–d. 1914), at Turze Wielkie; Maryanna (b. 1836–d. 1838), Katarzyna (b. 1840–d. 1874), Weronika (b. 1842–d. 1902), at Damaszka; Barbara (b. 1845–d. 1854), at Turze; Rozalia (b. 1848–d. 1911), at Małe Turze; Jan Jakob (b. 1851–d. 1914), Jozef (b. 1854–d. 1874) and Franciszka Apollonia (b. 1857–d. 1886).  In 1874, Franciszka Apollonia left the village of Małe Turze with her sister Weronika and husband Franciszek Anis and their young family for Hamburg where they set sail aboard the Reichstag on 10 May 1874. They arrived at Port Nicholson in Wellington on 6 August 1874. The family had been nominated by family and friends in Waihola to settle there in New Zealand.


Klimeck Polesdownsouth

Annie (Infant on knee), Fanny (nee Cherkowska), Frank and Felix Klimeck at Waihola Ca. 1886, courtesy of Martin Klemick, Nightcaps.

Listed aboard was: Francisca Chilkowski age 17.  Also on board was her cousin, Anna Grenz age 9, from the village of Turze Wielkie. They travelled south to the township of Waihola in the South Island where friends and family had settled a couple of years prior. She was soon followed by her godparents, Johann and Apollonia Klass who went to the newly established settlement of Greytown (Allanton). In the next year, her sister Rozalia and husband Jan Marcin Kreft left Stanisławie for Hamburg and set aboard the Lammershagen for New Zealand where they were sent to Jackson’s Bay.

Franciszka Apolonia (Fanny) Cherkowska (b. 1857–d. 1886), a domestic servant, was born at Małe Turze on 09 August 1857.  She married on 22 April 1882 at the House of Franz Annis in Waihola to Frank Klimeck (b. 1855–d. 1919), the son of Maciej Klimek (b. 1819–d. 1899) and Anna Smolińska (b. 1820–d. 1882). The family born at Waihola were: Felix (b. 1884–d. 1961) and Annie (b. 1885–d. 1968). Fanny was godmother to; Martha Wisneski 1875, John Annis 1876, Mary Bungard 1876, Joseph Hoffman 1876, Joseph Tikey 1877, August Annis 1879 and Rosalia Kreft 1879. Tragically Fanny died of apoplexy at Waihola on 2 October 1886 aged 29 and is buried at the Waihola Cemetery behind the Annis family plot. Sometime after their mother’s death, Felix and Annie were sent to live with their uncle and aunt, Frank and Mathilda Tikey at Riccarton (East Taieri).

Fanny’s brother, Jan Jakob Cherkowski, immigrated to America with his wife Barbara Rozanowska and their young family aboard the Belgenland. They departed from Antwerp, Belgium, arriving at Philadelphia, Pensylvania on 14 August 1891 and settled in Milwaukee, Winsconsin.  In 1892, her eldest sister Jozefina also migrated to Milwaukee with her youngest daughter Jozefina, after the death of her husband Jozef Wolke.



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Compiled by Paul Klemick (2022)