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New Zealand Embassy, Warsaw


On this page you will find snippets …. chapters of books, magazine articles, information and videos celebrating Poland, New Zealand and the joined story of two countries.

Polish Involvement in New Zealand since 1772 …….. With thanks to the Polish Embassy in Wellington …. Click Here

Flames over Warsaw …….. This is a chapter from “Flames in the Sky” by Pierre Clostermann, and is lead up to and an account of a single supply flight by Polish Aircrew in the RAF during the battle for Warsaw …. Click Here

Poles & New Zealand, 2nd WW …….. A display remembering some of the shared history of Poland & New Zealand during WW 2…. Click Here

The Partition of Poland …….. A partial clipping detailing the story of Germany, Russia & Austria annexing Poland…. Click Here

Ship Palmerston …….. An Account of the Voyage of of Palmerston1872/3,  “BRUCE HERALD”, 21ST JANUARY 1873. … Click Here