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Baumgardt Family


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Baumgardt, Paweł Maciej, Small Farmer (1833-1923) Golczewo, the son of Stanislaw Bongarda & Maryanna Winczyk, m. (19 Jan 1863) St. Nicholas, Parchowo, Eva Apollonia Flis (1844-1908) Golczewo, the daughter of Jan & Ewa Flis. Family—Golczewo; Ewa Augustina (1864-1890), Jan Adam (1866-1868), Kazmierz Jόzef (1868-1938), Anna Katarzyna (1870-1917) & Paulina Julianna (1872-1912). They left Golczewo for Hamburg where they set aboard the “Palmerston” 29 Jul 1872, arriving at Port Chalmers, Dunedin, 6 Dec 1872.

 Apparently Paul was very seasick during his voyage to New Zealand. Listed aboard was—Paul Math Baumgart 39, Eva 28, Eva 7, Casimir 4, Anna 2 & Paulina 1 mth. The family was sent south to Scroggs Creek on contract work with Brodgen & Sons to lay the southern railway through the Taieri. As the works moved southward Paul had taken up land at Waihola in July73’, where he purchased sections 17, 18 & 19 of block 16 at three pounds each. It is believed Paul built their first home around the vicinity of section 17, close to where St. Hyacinth church once stood. It was said to have been partially dug out of the hill and covered with canvas. After the completion of the line Paul tried his hand at farming in the Waihola district. Here they had the rest of the family—August Michael (1874-1951), Mary Maud (1876-1946), Franz (1877-1950), Rosa (1880-1952), Julia (1882-1962) & Eva Martha (1886-1896). The 82’ Freeholders listed Paul as owning 21 acres of land to the value of £150 at Waihola. A year prior, Paul purchased 7 lots of land on Beacon Street where he built the family home and established a sizeable orchard. Paul was naturalised as a New Zealand citizen 13 Jun 1887. Later in 88’ Paul purchased section 55, block 1 in the Clarendon district. Paul & Eva when in New Zealand spoke only in Polish and German; neither had a formal education, but they ensured that all their children attended Waihola school – most until the age of 14 years. In the years before his death Paul became a member of the Anglican Church. Eva died 22 Feb 1908 aged 63 & Paul died 14 Jul 1923 aged 90. Both are buried at the Waihola Cemetery. In recognition and appreciation of the hard work and sacrifices of their forefathers, descendants of Paul and Eva Baumgardt held a reunion at Waihola from 10—12 Jan 1986. Over 200 people attended and all branches of the family (Bungard, Wells, Morrison & Wilson) were represented.

Eva (Christina) Augustina Baumgardt m. (25 Sep 1884) Gore, John Thomas Klukowski. She died 31Aug 1890 at Gore aged 26 and is buried at the Gore Cemetery.
Kasimir Joseph Bungard, labourer, first worked as a railway then farm labourer, working on the threshing mills in the Gore district in the early 1890’s. Joseph m. (28 Jun 1892) St. John’s, Milton, Caroline Wilhelmina (Lena) Auguste Gutschlag, the daughter of Wilhelm Gutschlag & Caroline Dauman. Family—Waihola; Julius, Lilly, Andy, Peter, Eva, Eric, William, Adam, Teanie, David, James & Ellen. He returned to farming at Waihola and died 6 May 1938 at Dunedin aged 70 and is buried at the Waihola Cemetery.
Anna Katharina Baumgardt m. (02 May 1894) Melbourne, Antonio Francisco. Family—Melbourne; Eva Etta, Olive & James Gerard. Anna died 10 Jun 1917 at Melbourne, Australia, aged 47.
Paulina Julianna Baumgardt resided at Caversham, Dunedin when she gave birth to a son, David John 1895. She m. (12 Feb 1896) Presbyterian Manse, Waihola, John (Jack) Hughan Wells, the son of Robert Alfed Wells & Christina Hughan. John worked as a farmer & labourer moving often for work. Family—Waihola; Frances Maude, Gore; Frederica Josephine Christina, Waihola; Anne, Otokia; Mary Victoria, Allanton; Ivy Ethel, Taieri Ferry; Margaret Elizabeth, Kiatangata; James Gordon, Winnie Florence & Ada. Paulina died 14 Mar 1912 at Kaitangata aged 39 years and is buried at the Kaitangata Cemetery.

Eva & Paul Baumgardt, kindly provided by Paul Bungard.

Information kindly provided by Colin & Betty Bungard of Waihola from family memoirs


The Polish Government is offering financial assistance, by way of a ‘one-off payment’ grant, to Poles repressed or deported to Siberia or living in the Eastern regions of Poland during the period of 1936 – 1956. 

In order to qualify for this grant, one must be a Polish citizen, holding a Polish passport and, must be a retired serviceman/woman.

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