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Immigrant Ship Friedeburg

(Captain Kopper).
(Left Hamburg, Germany—19/05/1872 arriving at Lytlleton, N.Z.—30/08/1872)

Felski Jacob 32, Juliane 37, Hanna 4 —Osetno
Zdonek Joseph 39, Mariane 24, Nicholas 9, Franz 7 and Johann (Joseph) 3.—Cissewie.

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Friedeburg 1872.

Friedeburg p 4

” Telegrams. The Immigration Barracks have been opened for the engagement of.the Scandinavians. The following engagements were effected yesterday:—42 single women out of 61; 23 single men out of 33; 4 families out of 53. A dinner was given by German settlers to Captain Kopper, of the Friedeburg.” Otago Daily Times, 9 September 1872, p 2.


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Pobόg-Jaworowski J. W., History of the Polish Settlers in New Zealand, Warsaw, 1990, p 21.



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January 4, 2022