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Virtual Tours

Travel in this crazy world we live in is for many of us, a fond memory. But not everyone is locked down, or at least not in their imagination.

These slide shows were sent to POHOS by a Polish Gentleman who is using the internet to explore the New Zealand, all from his home in Poland.

Translations with thanks to “Google Translate”

Excerpts from Stefans first letter ;-

Throughout NZ there are interesting museums and open-air museums, most often under the banner of “HERITAGE PARK” or “HERITAGE CENTER”, such as the Omaka Aviation Heritage in Blenheim. They, I think, arouse less interest among tourists. I am interested in very much, like the history of the NZ.

I’m sure Ewa would forward Stefans email address to any who wished to share images of Otago with him   ….. webmaster


Part IV
150 years up and above Otago Harbour



Lands of Wine & Honey



True and imaginary stories of the Kashubian from Szczecin
A 4 part Series




Pomerania to Otago

Part I
Journey to Otago 150years ago



Part II
150 years around Harbour Cone



Part III
150 years in Dunedin