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Rydzewski Family


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Rydzewski, August Walenty, Labourer, (1828-1905) Zakrzewko, the son of Albrecht Rydzewski (1790-1840) & Helena Bielicka (1794-1840), married on 1 May 1853 at St. Malgorzata, Miłobądz to Rozalia Maryanna Sliwińska (1832-1909) Łukocin, the daughter of Andrzej Sliwiński (1783-1853) & Barbara Taleńska (1782-1857). Family—Miłobądz; Anna Franciszka (1854-1857), Jan Franciszek (1857-1935), Maryanna Rozalia (1859-1932), Lunowo; Klara Matilda (1862-1862), August Jozef (1863-1864), Franciszka Paulina (1865-1944), Marta Elzbieta (1867-1868), Małżewo; Paulina Anna (1869-1951). They left Małżewo for Hamburg where they set aboard the Palmerston on 29 July 1872, arriving at Port Chalmers, Dunedin on 6 December 1872.

Johnston-Regefsky wedding

B: John Franz Rydzewski, Paulina Anna Johnston (nee Rydzewska), Thomas Reginald Johnston, August Valentin Rydzewski, Franciszka Rydzewski or Josephine Rydzewski (nee Szczepanska) – with bike. F: James Paul Schultz, Rosalia Marianna Rydzewski (nee Sliwinska), Alexander Andrew Schultz, Marianna Rosalia Schultz (nee Rydzewska) & Thomas Andrew Schultz at Rydzewski cottage, East Gore, 1896. Original held by Maria Hurrell. kiwiwizard1 originally shared this on 08 Aug 2019, ancestry.com

Listed aboard was—August Rydzewski 43, Rosalia 40, Joh. F. 16, Maria 15, Francisca 7 & Paulina 3. The family was sent south to Scroggs Creek on contract work with Brogden & Sons to lay the southern railway through the Taieri. They soon moved to Waihola where August purchased sections 1 & 16 of block 20. As the railway headed south so did the family. Along side Bucholz’s farm in the Waikaka Valley, August purchased part of section 11, block 1 on 28 February 1878. His son John also built their family home here. While in the valley, August worked as a farmer and labourer. They later moved to Gore where both August & Rosalia were naturalised as New Zealand citizens on 20 November 1899. August died on 29 November 1905 aged 77 & Rosalia died on 17 October 1909 aged 77. Both are buried at the Gore Cemetery.

Johan Franz Rydzewski married on 12 September 1880 at Mckay’s Hall, Gore to Josephina Szczepańska (1861-1955) Trzcińsk. Family—Hokonui; Agnes Elizabeth (1881-1961), Croydon; James August (1883-1947), Waikaka Valley; Clara Barbara (1885-1975), Ellen Frances (1887-1969), John Francis (1890-1924), Joseph (1893-1907), Josephine (1895-1976) & Frances Victoria (1901-1989). John worked as a farmer at Tokanui Gorge in 1897 and was residing in Gore in 1902. John, a labourer, was naturalised a New Zealand citizen on 24 August 1926 of Woodlands. He died at Mataura on 11 October 1935 aged 78 and is buried at the Mataura Cemetery.

Marianna Schultz (nee Rydzewska). Kindly provided by Maria Hurrell.

Marianna (Mary) Rosalia Rydzewska married on 24 November 1875 at Invercargill to Johan Valentin Schultz (1846-1893) Dalwin. Family—Hokonui; Frank Joseph (1877-1953), John August (1879), Martha Elizabeth (1881-1943), Joseph James (1882-1966), Thomas James Andrew (1884-1885), Adam (1886-1886), Gordon (East Gore; James Paul (1887-1973), Alexander Andrew (1890-1963) & Thomas Andrew (1893-1972). Although Mary never fully came to grips with the English language and struggled with it throughout much of her life, she was naturalised as a New Zealand citizen on 24 August 1926 residing at Gore. Mrs. Mary Hoffman, daughter of Frank Schultz, recalled in 1987, ”It was marvellous what they did… they made their own bread, everything was homemade… oatmeal cakes & fruit cake.” Doris Schultz said as a child she would go to the home of Mary (her grandmother) each day after school and do chores for her. At times she struggled to understand her grandmother but remembered her fondly and said she was always very, very kind to her. After a long battle with cancer of the liver, Mary died at Gore on 22 January 1932 aged 72 and is buried at the Gore Cemetery.

Francisca Paulina Rydzewska married on 23 Feb 1887 at Gore to William Robertson (1866-1929). Family; Barbara (1887-1946), Mary Jane (1890-1947), William August (1906-1981) & James Kent (1907-1954).  William died on 3 June 1929 and Francisca died in Dunedin on 11 June 1944 aged 79. Both are buried at the Andersons Bay Cemetery, Dunedin.

Paulina Anna Rydzewska married on 7 April 1896 at Gore to Thomas Reginald Johnston (1872-1948). Family; Wallace Reginald (1897-1974), Frances Ada (1898-1993), Charles Godrey (1900-1966), Ivy Rosalind (1901-1974), Thomas Henry (1903-1982), Violet Hilda Alice (1905-1983), Robert William (1912-1989) & Mary Margaret (1914). Thomas died at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Dunedin on 15 July 1948 and Paulina died at Dunedin on 11 May 1951 aged 81. Both are buried at the Andersons Bay Cemetery, Dunedin.

August & Mary Regefsky, Catholic Block 51 Plot 2, Gore Cemetery

John Schultz & Mary Rosella (nee Rydzewska), Catholic Block 47 Plot 9, Gore Cemetery


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Compiled by Paul Klemick (2021)