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Haftka Family


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Haftka, Jan Michal, Labourer, (1849-1914) of Waćmierz m. (17 Nov 1872) Church of the Holy Trinity, Lubiszewo-Tczewskie, Franciszka Jabłońska (1850-1937) Swarożyn, the daughter of Filip Jabłoński & Maryanna Michalowska. Family—Swarożyn; Maryanna Rozalia (1872-1873), Gorzędziej; Rozalia (1873-1952). They left Gorzędziej for Hamburg where they set aboard the “Terpsichore” 15 Nov 1875, arriving at Port Nicholson, Wellington, 18 Mar 1876.

 Listed aboard were—Johann Haftka 25, Frederika (Francisca) 25 & Rosalie 2. During the journey, Joseph was born 25 Jan 1876. Also on board ship was the family of Pawel Haftka from Gniszewo who settled in the Carterton region in the North Island. Johann & Paul were most probably cousins as Pawel (1831) Brzuśce was the son of Katarzyna Haftka. Johann & family travelled south to the settlement of Germantown, where a number of fellow countrymen were working on various railway works. Here they had the rest of their family—Catherine (1878-1936), Agnes (1881-1945), John (1883-1954), Anna (1885-1982), Martha Elizabeth (1888-1941), Nelly (1890) & Barbara (1892). In 1896 the children were first day pupils at the Maitland school. Johann in New Zealand, worked for a time as a farmer, worked on the “Star” dredge and carted coal. He was naturalised as a New Zealand citizen 13 May 1902, a farmer in the Waikaka Valley. In 1914 the family sold their property on Newman Road to Elizabeth Olsen and purchased a neighbouring property on the south side of what was later named Olsen Road. The property remained in the Halfka family until their son, Joseph Halfka, sold to Mr. L. Symons in 1952. Johann died 1 Oct 1914 at Maitland aged 64 & Francisca died 23 Jul 1937 at Maitland aged 86. Both are buried at the Gore Cemetery.

Rosalie Halfka m. (02 Jun 1896) Church of the Blessed Sacrement, Gore, Thomas Augustin Bielicki (1873-1939) Waćmierz, the son of Johan Jacob Bielicki & Catharina Francisca Jabłońska. They had 5 boys & 1 girl. Rosalie died 13 Aug 1852 aged 78 and is buried at the Invercargill Eastern Cemetery.

Halfka Cottage, Gore.

Photos & Information kindly provided by Sandra Schluter & Jenny Barnett NZROHA.



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