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Kreft Family


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Kreft, Jozef Maciej, Small Farmer, (1842-1916) Bolesławowo, the son of Jan Kreft & Anna Tysarczyk, m. (05 Nov 1865) St. John Nepomuncen, Godziszewo, Rozalia Gdaniec (1845-1916) Rościszewko, the daughter of Marcin Gdaniec & Maryanna Bławat. Family—Godziszewo; Anna Teresa (1866-1943), Golębiewko; Tomasz (1869-1882), Bojary; Paulina (1870). They left Bojary for Hamburg where they set aboard the “Palmerston” 28 Jul 1872, arriving at Port Chalmers, Dunedin, 6 Dec.

 Listed aboard were—Joseph Kreft 30, Rosalia 26, Anna 6, Thomas 4, & Pauline 1. Also on board were Rosalia’s mother & family. The family first resided in the Dunedin area, as did Rosalie’s brother, Thomas Gdanietz. They established their home high on the outskirts of the city at Pine Hill where Joseph worked as a dairy farmer. While residing here they had the rest of their family—Charles (1873), Joseph (1874-1960), Bernard (1876-1964), Wilhelmina (1878-1956), John Frank (1880-1881), William Ernest (1881-1883), Frank David (1883-1965) & Martin Albert (1885-1965). On 25 Sep 1888, Joseph Kreft purchased four properties in Greytown where they lived out their retirement. Joseph, a labourer, was naturalised as a New Zealand citizen 14 Nov 1893. Rosalia died 15 Jun 1916 aged 71 & Joseph died shortly after on 18 Sep aged 74. Both are buried at the Allanton Cemetery.
Anna Teresa Kreft m. (26 Nov 1892) St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Dunedin, William Cromar (1856-1929) Russia. William died 28 Jul 1929 and Anna died 29 Nov 1943 aged 77. Both died at Dunedin and are buried at the Andersons Bay Cemetery.
Thomas Kreft attended Christian Brothers school at Dunedin and died 22 Feb 1882 aged 13. Thomas was staying overnight at the home of his Uncle Julius & Aunt Marianna Byszewski (nee Kreft), at Smith Street, Dunedin, due to bad weather. During the night of Feb 22 the house caught fire & claimed the life of Thomas and three of his Byszewski cousins. Thomas is buried at the Southern Cemetery, Dunedin, along side his cousins.
Pauline Kreft is believed to have died in 1872 aboard the “Palmerston” aged 2.

Minnie, Joseph, Rosalia (nee Gdaniec), Joseph Mathias Snr., Frank David & Martin Albert Kreft.




The Polish Government is offering financial assistance, by way of a ‘one-off payment’ grant, to Poles repressed or deported to Siberia or living in the Eastern regions of Poland during the period of 1936 – 1956. 

In order to qualify for this grant, one must be a Polish citizen, holding a Polish passport and, must be a retired serviceman/woman.

For further information kindly contact:

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