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Klukowski Family


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Klukowski, Jan Tomasz (1845-1897) Małżewo, the son of Pawel Klukowski & Katarzyna Lomanska, m. (30 Jun 1872) Church of the Holy Cross, Tczew, Franciszka Tykowska (1847-1884) Rajkowy, the daughter of Franciszek Tykowski & Maryanna Narzynska. Family—Kolnik; Franciszek (1874-1875). They left Kolnik for Hamburg where they set aboard the “Terpsichore” 15 Nov 1875, arriving at Port Nicholson, Wellington, 18 Mar 1876.

 Listed aboard were—Johann Klukowski 31 & Franciszka 28. Also on board was Franz Tykowski, brother to Franciszka, & his young family. They travelled south residing at Germantown (Waikaka Valley), where they joined fellow Poles working on the railway. Along from the coal reserve, John Klucofske built himself a house for his family and worked as a labourer after the railways. Here they had the rest of the family—John (1878-1950), Veronica Francisca (1880-1959) & Agnes (1882-1966). Franziska (Cissy) died 4 Aug 1884, aged 36 and is buried at the Gore Cemetery. John r.m. (25 Sep 1884) Gore, Eva (Christina) Augustina Baumgardt, the daughter of Paul Baumgardt & Anna Fliss. Eva died 2 Sep 1890, aged 25 and is buried at the Gore Cemetery. John died 2 Mar 1897 aged 51 and is buried at the Invercargill Eastern Cemetery.

Johan & Christina Klukowski.


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