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Bucholz Family


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Bucholc, Johann (1841-1926) Zabagno, the son of Johann Bucholc & Magdalena Radowska, m. (3 Mar 1867) Church of the Holy Trinity, Lubiszewo-Tczewskie, Anna Agnes Jabłońska (1844-1882) Swarożyn, the daughter of Philip Jabłoński & Marianna Michałowska. Family—Lubiszewo-Tczewskie; Joseph Michael (1867-1952), Małżewko; Angelica (Helen Amelia) (1869-1899) & Anna (1871-1871). From Małżewko the family left for Hamburg where they set aboard the “Palmerston” 29 Jul 1872 arriving at Port Chalmers, Dunedin, 6 Dec 1872.

Listed aboard were—Johann Buchholz 31, Anna 28, Joseph 4 & Amelia 2. During the voyage Anna gave birth to a baby girl—Mary (1872-1939). The family was sent south to Scroggs Creek on contract work with Brodgen & Sons to lay the southern railway through the Taieri. By mid March 73’, they were residing at Waihola. In mid 1874, Johann was successful in the ballot for a 200 acre section of land to the north east of Gore. He drew the third section on the McNab run from the East Gore boundary on the highway known as Symes and Pinnacle Road. He was soon joined by a considerable number of his fellow countrymen & looking round in search of a place where they might pitch their tents without trespassing on private property they came upon the coal reserve along Johann’s farm and divided his property for purchase 28 Feb 1878. Johann took up work on the southern railway line in the Gore region. Family—Germantown (Waikaka Valley); Francis (1880-1950) & Martha Barbara (1882-1944). Anna Bucholz died 5 Oct 1882 at Waikaka as a result of childbirth aged 38 and was buried at the Gore Cemetery. Johann r.m. (7 Apr 1883) Gore, Anna Dovaloska (1868-1899), the daughter of Johann Dovaloski & Catharina Maicrish. Family—Gore; Annie (1884-1933), Elizabeth (1885), James (1890-1890), Margaret (1891), Susannah (1893), James (1895-1962), Adam (1897) & Issac (1898-1898). Mrs Johann Halfka, known as Aunt Francisca, raised Martha, the youngest child from the first marriage. Johann is recorded as purchasing section 30 in the North Harbour & Blueskin (Pine Hill) district near Dunedin 17 Sep 1890 and was naturalised as a New Zealand citizen 8 Sep 1902, a farmer, residing at Gore. Johann died 7 Aug 1926 at Seacliff Mental Hospital aged 84 and is buried at the Gore Cemetery.
Joseph Michael Bucholz m. (25 Oct 1911) Church of the Sacred Heart, Allanton, Nellie Woolliams. He worked at times as a farmer and coal miner. He died 29 Dec 1952 at Mataura aged 85 and is buried at the Gore Cemetery.
Angelica (Helen Amelia) Bucholz m. (12 Mar 1886) Gore, Charles William Ramsay. She died 21 Nov 1899 aged 30 and is buried at the Invercargill Cemetery.

Photo & information kindly provided by Allen J. Little QSM, JP & Nancy May Cullen Stewart.



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