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Bucholz Family


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Jan Franciszek Bucholc (b. 1841—d. 1926) was born at Zabagno on 27 December 1841, the son of Jan Stefan Bucholc (b. 1805—d. 1841) and Magdalena Radowska (b. 1815—d. 1892). Jan married on 3 March 1867 at Church of the Holy Trinity in Lubiszewo-Tczewskie to Anna Agniszka Jabłońska (b. 22 January 1844 at Swarożyn—1882), the daughter of Fillip Jabłoński  (b. 1818—d. 1878) and Maryanna Michałowska (b. 1824—d. 1866). The family born at Lubiszewo-Tczewskie were: Jozef Michal (b. 1867—d. 1952), at Małżewko; Angelika (Helen Amelia) (b. 1869—d. 1899) and Anna (b. 1871—d. 1871). From the village of Małżewko the family left for Hamburg where they set sail aboard the Palmerston on 29 July 1872 arriving at Port Chalmers near Dunedin on 6 December 1872.


B. -, -, -, Archie Ferguson, Nellie Bucholz, Joe Bucholz, Annie Woods and Frank Bucholz, -. C. Aggie Hoffman, Adam Hoffman, Albert Green, Martha Bucholz, Pearl Ferguson, Develoski, Mrs. Max Hoffman, and Maggie Kubala. F. Violet Hoffman, Nellie Giles, Nell Wyatt, -, Jack Wyatt, and three Kubala Children, Wedding held at Toronto Street, East Gore – 8 Oct 1913, courtesy of Allen J. Little QSM, JP and Nancy May Cullen Stewart.

Listed aboard were: Johann Buchholz age 31, Anna 28, Joseph 4 and Amelia 2. During the voyage Anna gave birth to a baby girl—Mary (b. 1872—d. 1939). The family was sent south to Scroggs Creek on contract work with Brogden and Sons to lay the southern railway through the Taieri and by March 73’ they were residing at Waihola. In mid-1874, Johann was successful in the ballot for a 200-acre section of land to the north east of Gore. He drew the third section on the McNab run from the East Gore boundary on the highway known as Symes and Pinnacle Road. He divided his property for purchase on 28 February 1878 and was soon joined by a considerable number of his fellow countrymen and looking round in search of a place where they might pitch their tents without trespassing on private property, they came upon the coal reserve along Johann’s farm. John took up contract work after working on the southern railway in the Gore district.

The family born at Germantown (Waikaka Valley) were: Francis (b. 1880—d. 1950) and Martha Barbara (b. 1882—d. 1944). Anna Bucholz died on 5 October 1882 at Waikaka as a result of childbirth aged 38 and was buried at the Gore Cemetery. Mrs Johann Halfka, known as Aunt Francisca, raised the youngest child, Martha.

Mataura Ensign, 15 January 1895, p 5, paperspast.natlib.govt.nz

“At the Police Court, Gore, on Friday last, John Devoloskie was charged with having on the 22nd January at Waikaka threatened to shoot John Bucholz. Dr Macaffer, J.P., and Mr Souness, J.P., occupied the bench; and Messrs Aldridge and Henderson appeared for complainant and defendant respectively. John Halfke said he had heard Devoloskie say that he would shoot Bucholz; that he had tried two caps, which did not go off, but that the third would be all right. This threat was repeated, and was accompanied by violent behaviour. In answer to Mr Henderson witness made a rambling statement about a ghost, with a long tail which seemed to have been the cause of all the trouble; but it was Bucholz that was to be shot, not the ghost. According to J Hoffman’s evidence Devoloskie had said a ghost was always coming to his house causing a disturbance amongst his sheep and frightening his wife; that he had tried to shoot the ghost, which had a long tail, and in all respects but this one resembled Bucholz, whom he had tried to shoot. The gun, however, did not go off; but if it did go off he would shoot him. He was sober. Bucholz lost his wife recently. To Mr Henderson — Could not say if Devoloskie really intended to shoot Bucholz. The complainant gave evidence to the effect that he feared the threat would be carried out, and was then cross-examined at great length by Mr Henderson, his evidence disclosing little of importance or interest beyond the fact that some of the Germans. at Waikaka were not notable for morality of a high order. Without considering it necessary to hear evidence for the defence, the Bench dismissed the case.” Matuara Ensign, 13 February 1883, p 2

John remarried on 7 April 1883 at the residence of Maurice O’Rourkes in Gordon (East Gore) to Anna Dovaloska (b. 1868 at Kosice—d. 1899), the daughter of Johann Dovaloski and Catharina Maicrish. The family at East Gore were Annie (b. 1884—d. 1933), Elizabeth (b. 1885), James (b. 1890—d. 1890), Margaret (b. 1891), Susannah (b. 1893), James (b. 1895—d. 1962), Adam (b. 1897) and Isaac (b. 1898—d. 1898).

“KNAPDALE ROAD BOARD. Tenders for various contracts were opened, with the following result: — Contract 113— Knapdale Low Road, formation and gravelling: J Buchols, L 3 Is 10d and 26s per chain.” Mataura Ensign, 28 October 1887, p 9

“Gore Borough Council. The Finance Committee recommended that the following accounts be passed, and their recommendation was agreed to, the Mayor on explaining that the return of Bouchlez’s deposit was merely a formal matter, in that his contract for supply of gravel had expired, and that his amount wanted in a separate account; that the amount for Leahy’s contract would only fail to he paid on the engineer’s certificate; and that the overdraft of the Borough was going steadily down:” Mataura Ensign, 30 September 1890, p 5

“SALE OE FARM. B, S, Macdonell and Co. report having sold privately, at a satisfactory figure, section 21, block V, Waikaka, containing 281 acres 2 roods 21 poles, Mr John Bouchlez being the purchaser.” Matarura Ensign, 19 February 1895, p 2

Only months after the loss of their son Isaac, Annie passed away on 22 February 1899 at East Gore aged 31 and was buried at the Gore Cemetery. John was naturalised as a New Zealand citizen on 8 September 1902 working as a farmer at Gore and according to the Awarua Electoral Roll for 1911, John was working as a labourer at Tisbury, near Invercargill. He died on 7 August 1926 at Seacliff Mental Hospital aged 84 and is buried with his wife at the Gore Cemetery.


Joseph Michael Buchols was born at Lubiszewo-Tczewskie on 23 November 1867. He married on 25 October 1911 at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Allanton to Nellie Woolliams. He worked at times as a farmer and coal miner and died on 29 December 1952 at Mataura aged 85.  He is buried wifth his wife at the Gore Cemetery.

“MATAURA. BOROUGH COUNCIL Joseph Buchols, River street, wrote, complaining about the sanitary service.—Referred to the Sanitary Committee.” Southland Times, 11 September 1924, p 10

“MAGISTRATE’S COURT. SITTING AT MATAURA. (From our Correspondent.) The Mataura Magistrate’s Court sat on Tuesday before Mr H. J. Dixon, S.M. MINING CASE. The Inspector of Mines proceeded against Joseph Bucholz on a charge that, being the Mine Manager of the Boghead Coalmine at Mataura where an accident took place on April 24, he did permit part of the mine to be interfered with before it had been inspected by the Inspector, contrary to Section 62 (5) of the Coalmines Act, 1908. The Inspector, George Duggan, outlined the facts of the case, stating that the Act provided that the mine should be inspected after a serious accident before being worked again. He did not press for a heavy fine. The defendant explained that he continued to work the mine in ignorance of the Act. The Magistrate said the case was only brought as a warning and ordered defendant to pay Court costs 9/- and witness’s expenses 5/-.” Southland Times, 10 July 1925, p 5


Angelica (Helen Amelia) Buchols was born at Małżewko on 24 September 1869.  She married on 12 March 1886 at Gore to Charles William Ramsay, a native of Scotland. The family were: Robert James (b. 1887), Charles William (b. 1891—d. 1964), William Francis (b. 1893—d. 1949) and Helen Gladys (b. 1899).  Only a few weeks after the birth of their last child, Helen died on 21 November 1899 aged 30 and is buried at the Invercargill Cemetery.

John and Annie Bucholz, Catholic, Block 47 Plot 14 at Gore Cemetery


Pobόg-Jaworowski, J. W, History of the Polish Settlers in New Zealand, ed. Warsaw; Chz “Ars Polonia.” 1990, pages 22 & 167.

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Compiled by Paul Klemick (2022)