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Discover your Polish heritage by accessing original Polish church documents from the regions of Kaszuby and Kociewie.  Discover what your ancestors did for employment, where did they marry and where did they baptize their children.  By finding out witnesses and godparents you will discover close friends and relatives.  What did your ancestors succumb to and where were they buried.  By becoming a friend of the Polish Heritage Trust of Otago and Southland via info@polesdownsouth.org.nz you can access your family tree and begin to discover your Polish roots.  Please tell us which family you are interested in.  If there are any discrepancies or you would like to send new information and photos please email the co-ordinator Paul Klemick at paulklemick052@gmail.com

BaSIA – Database of the Archival Indexing System (famula.pl)

Geneteka baza Polskiego Towarzystwa Genealogicznego (genealodzy.pl)

Kaszuby Region

Kartenmeister German/Polish Villages

Kociewian Folk Art available


Kociewie – Al’s Polish – American Genealogy Research

Kociewie, History, Borders and Values

Kociewie region of Poland

Latin to English translator

LDS Polish Records On-Line

Meyers Gazetteer

Poles – wikipedi

Polish family trees online

Polish History New Zealand – Barbara Scrivens

Polish Immigrants to New Zealand – Margarete Kraemer

Pomeranian Records Index – PTG Pomorskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne

Poznan Project – Poznan Marriages Database

Region of Kaszubian dialect

Region of Kociewian dialect

szukajwarchiwach.pl – Polish Records On-Line

Taranaki Stories

West Prussia – Wikipedia

145 years of Polish Settlement in Canterbury and New Zealand

1772/1773 West Prussian Land Register Webiste – Al’s Polish-American Genealogy Research (apagr.com)


pocztowka kociewie serce

pocztowka kociewie serce – https://czec.pl/pl/p/Pocztowka-pozdrowienia-z-Kociewia/2230


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Poles in New Zealand   We would like to hear from Poles or people with any Polish connection, who visited New Zealand and particularly those of you who paid a visit or lived anywhere in Otago or Southland.

Polski  “Poles Down South” jest stroną internetową organizacji polonijnej w Nowej Zelandii działającej w rejonie Otago i Southland na Wyspie Południowej. Siedzibą organizacji jest Dunedin.