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Annis Family

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Anis, (nee Demer), Regina Rozalia (1804-1890) Sobowidz, daughter of Maciej Demer & Elzbieta Brandt, m. (Oct 1825) Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Trąbki Wielkie, Szymon Anis (1798-1865). Family—Sobowidz; Jan (1826-1826), Maryanna (1826-1880), Anna Barbara (1828-1830), Jozef Walenty (1831-1831), Barbara (1833-1839), Zajączkowo; Franciszek (1839-1921), Szczerbęcin; Michal (1841), Jakob (1843-1846), Barbara Różalia (1846-1850) & Franciszka Paulina (1849-1939). The family are located at Male Turze where Szymon Anis died 1 Apr 1865 aged 66. In 1872, their daughter Franciszka with family had migrated to New Zealand. From the village of Malzewko, Regina left for Hamburg with daughter Maria and son Franciszek of Małe Turze. They set aboard the “Reichstag” departing 10 May 1874, arriving at Port Nicholson, Wellington, 6 Aug 1874.

Listed aboard was—Regine Annis 63. They travelled south for Waihola to join with family there. Here Regina lived her years with extended family and died 8 Dec 1890 at Waihola aged 86 and is buried at the Waihola Cemetery.
Anis Franciszek, Small Farmer (1839-1921) Zajączkowo, son of Szymon Anis & Regina Różalia Demer, m. (10 Sep 1865) St. John Nepomuncen, Godziszewo, Weronika Chełkowska (1842-1902) Małe Turze, daughter of Albrecht Chełkowski & Katarzyna Stolc. Family—Małe Turze; Jozef (1866-1868), Różalia (1867-1868), Maria (1869), Franciszek (1870-1920), Franciszka (1872-1949) & Anna (1874-1947). They left Małe Turze with extended family from Małżewko for Hamburg where they set aboard the “Reichstag” 10 May 1874. They arrived at Port Nicholson, Wellington, 6 Aug 1874 and were listed as—Franz Annis 35, Veronika 30, Maria 4, Franz, 3, Francisca 2 & Anna 2 mths. They travelled to the South Island and settled with family at Waihola. Family—Waihola; John (1876-1952), Bernhardt Robert (1878-1961), August (1879-1962), Martha (1881-1927) & Catherine (1884-1905). Joseph Tikey (1878-1954), born at Waihola, was taken in by the family as an infant. From a labourers income Frank acquired sections 10 to 14 of block 23 on 21 Nov 1876. Opposite the local cemetery in Beacon Street stood the cottage of sod and according to the 82’ Freeholders, the property of one acre was valued at £120. In Nov of 88’ a further 20 acres of Crown land at Clarendon was purchased for 20 shillings an acre. Here an accommodating wooden cottage was erected on section 59 of block 1, next to where a stone dairy then once stood. Still in the hands of the Bungard family, the farm opens to a spectacular view of Lake Waihola and surroundings. Frank was naturalised as a New Zealand citizen 30 Nov 1899 retiring on the hills above Waihola. Veronica died at Waihola 11 Jun 1902 aged 59. We are sorry to record loss by fire among some of our hill farmers. A fire started in the bush at the back of Waihola, and Messrs. Annis, Gregory, Bell and Yorston – the two last named particularly – were heavy losers. The fire demolished not only large quantities of bush and fencing, but crops and live stock. The value of the property destroyed varies on the different farms from £20 to £500. 04 Nov 1907 BH. Frank died at Dunedin 19 Aug 1921 aged 82. Both are buried at the Waihola Cemetery.
Maria Annis, her whereabouts are unknown.
Franz Annis Jnr. died in Dunedin 7 Nov 1920 aged 50 and is buried at Waihola. Frank Annis, aged 51, residing at Henley, was admitted to the hospital late on Saturday night suffering from a fracture of left thigh. He fell from a bicycle in front of the wheels of a traction engine, one wheel going over both legs. He died at 6 o’clock this morning. 8 Nov 1920, AG. FATAL ACCIDENT. MILBURN RESIDENT RUN OVER BY TRACTION ENGINE. Francis Annis, a single man, 50 years of age, a resident of Milburn, and employed at Milburn Lime and Cement Co’s works, met with a peculiar fatal accident whilst cycling home from Henley on Saturday. Overtaking a traction engine belonging to Messrs. Kennedy and McCulloch, of Milburn, which was returning from Dunedin, and had just crossed the Henley Bridge, Annis looked up to speak to the driver, when from some unexplained reason his bicycle capsized, and he fell with his legs under the off-side wheel. Dr. Moody, of Outram, attended the sufferer, who was taken to Dunedin Hospital by motor ambulance, where he died at 6 a.m. on Sunday. 08 Nov 1920 BH.
Francisca (Fanny) Annis m. (1892) Dunedin, George Jones & r.m. (1922) Walker Horner. She died 16 Jul 1949 aged 77 and was cremated at Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch.
Anna Annis m. (1892) Milton, James Eric Sinclair. Family—Jean, William, James & Graham. Annie died 1 May 1947 aged 73 and is buried at the Waihola Cemetery.

L. Annie Sinclair (nee Annis), James Sinclair (on knee), Frank Annis, Franciszka Annis, Annie Annis (nee Kenny), Graham Annis (hat on knee), Bernhard Annis (back row), Jean Sinclair (ribbon in hair), Charles Kenny (back), Bill Sinclair & – Sinclair. Picinic at Waihola 1910 Ca. Welcome! Dzień Dobry!



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