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Immigrant Ship Humboldt

“Humboldt” (Captain Busch). LDS Film No. 0472907.
(Left Hamburg, Germany—19/10/1874 arriving at Wellington, N.Z.—28/01/1875)

Gdanitz August 28—Friederchobey?

“MORE IMMIGRANTS FOR NEW PLYMOUTH. An offer has been made by the General. Government of a hundred of the Germans who have arrived by the ‘Humboldt,’ which offer, we believe, has been accepted. The German and Norwegian immigrants who have already been sent here are spoken, highly of by those in whose employ they are, and those coming will be eagerly sought after by the settlers, who require hard-working men and women.” Taranaki Herald, 30 January 1875, p 2

“The Swedish, Norwegian, and German immigrants, each in their own language, have presented Captain Bush (of the German ship Humboldt) and his officers with a testimonial, thanking them and their crew in the highest terms for the kind treatment they received during the Voyage.” Evening Post, 30 January 1875, p 2

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Pobόg-Jaworowski J. W., History of the Polish Settlers in New Zealand, Warsaw, 1990, pages 12 & 48

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