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Piernicki Family


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Piernicki, Anton Ludwik, (1836-1914) Kłodawa, the son of Jan Piernicki & Elzbieta Lange, m. (16 Sep 1860) St. Jakuba, Kłodawa, Anna Malecka (1836-1924) Subkowy, the daughter of Michal Malecki & Krystina Witting of Łoguszewo. Family—Zła Wieś; Franciszek Anton (1861-1919), Kłodawa; Anton Lorencjusz (1863-1932), Marta Cecilia (1865-1938), Stanisławie; Jan (1868-1925), Jozef August (1871-1872) & Walenty (1873-1966). They left Stanisławie for Hamburg where they set aboard the “Dallam Tower” 21 Dec 1874, arriving at Port Chalmers, Dunedin, 17 Feb 1875.


Piernicki cottage at Allanton. Taken in 1998 by Paul Klemick

Listed aboard was—Anton L. Piernicki 38, Anna 38, Franz 13, Anton 11, Marta 9, Johan 6 & Valentin 1. The family travelled south to Greytown where they had the rest of the family—Michael (1876-1965) & Peter Paul (1877-1905). On 3 May 1883, Anton purchased section 32 & 34 of Block 11 in the North Harbour & Blueskin district. The family moved to Dunedin, residing in Pine Hill, where Anton worked as a Dairy farmer. Anna was naturalised as a New Zealand Citizen 6 Mar 1901 & Anton was naturalised 26 Jan 1904. Anton sold part of his property to his son Frank in 1886 and died at Allanton 2 Feb 1914 aged 77. Annie died in Dunedin 12 Jun 1924 aged 87 and both are buried at the Southern Cemetery, Dunedin.

Franz Anton Piernicki m. (13 Sep 1886) St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Dunedin, Mary Mullian (1859-1900) Galway, Ireland. Family— Dunedin; Frank, Thomas Michael, Nora Margaret & John. At Pine Hill Franz worked as a Dairy farmer and wood dealer. A two-roomed wooden house and effects, belonging to Mr Frank Pernisky, were destroyed by fire on Thursday morning at Pine Hill. Mrs Pernisky states that she left the house about 10 o’clock to look after her cows, and had been away about half an hour when she heard her mother-in-law calling out “Fire!” and on hastening back found the place in flames. Mr Pernisky, who was cutting bush in the vicinity, returned to the house, but was unable to do any good. Mrs Annie Pernisky was the first to discover the fire, and states that the flames were then breaking through the side of the building near the chimney, which it is thought was faulty construction. The building was insured for £70 and the effects for £30 in the New Zealand office, but the estimated value of the property is £20 above these amounts. 6 Jul 1889 OW. Another fire tragically claimed the life of Nora Margaret; Margaret Perimystery, aged 17 months, died from severe burns received on May 6th. The mother was milking the cows at Pine Hill, and left the child in bed, where its nightdress caught fire. 18 May 1893 OW. The family later moved to the Taieri where Joseph & Michael where born. Mary died at West Taieri 25 Jul 1900. The Otago & Southland Directory lists Frank as a farmer at Momona in 1903. He r.m. (13 Jan 1904) St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Dunedin, Bedilia Tobin and died at Duntroon 20 Aug 1920 aged 59. His is buried at the Allanton Cemetery.

Anton Ludwig & Annie Perniski, Roman Catholic Block 29 Plot 1B, Southern Cemetery

Anton Lorenz Piernicki, a farm labourer, purchased the Pine Hill property from his brother Frank in 1890 later working as a farmer at Enfieid in 1915. He died at Oamaru 23 May 1932 aged 68 and is buried at the Oamaru Cemetery.

Martha Cecilia Piernicka m. (10 Nov 1881) Church of the Immaculate Conception, East Taieri, Johan Switala (1857-1933) Lubiszewo-Tczewskie. Family—Greytown; Joseph, Francis Patrick, John, Martha, Antony William, Michael James, Mary Emma, Annie Magdalen, Alice Josephine, Edward Alexander, Charles Millan & Eileen Veronica. Described as a very good looking woman, Martha was a fine religious lady. In advanced age she went to early mass and would stay in church until all masses were finished, returning for benediction and rosary at evening. Martha died in Dunedin 30 Oct 1938 aged 72 and is buried at the Andersons Bay Cemetery, Dunedin.

Johann Piernicki worked as a farmer at Enfield in 1913 and was naturalised as a New Zealand citizen 11 Jul 1923. He died at Oamaru 25 Jan 1925 aged 56 and is buried at the Southern Cemetery, Dunedin.

Valentin Piernicki m. (1903) Mary Ellen McKenna. Family—Joan. Valentin worked as a Police Constable in Oamaru and died at Christchurch 19 Jun 1966 aged 93. He is buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery, Christchurch.

Frank & Mary Perniski, Catholic Block Plot 2, Allanton Cemetery


John Switalla & Martha C (nee Piernicka), Block 85 Plot 1, Andersons Bay Cemetery


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Valentine Perniskie

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Compiled by Paul Klemick (2021)