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Stefan’s Virtual Tour of Otago Peninsular

I attach 18 slides from my virtual trip to the Otago Peninsula. The idea came to me as a result of browsing the Internet materials about the Peninsula posted by wanderers from Dunedin. From selected photos of various authors, I created an S-shaped route, basically avoiding places particularly exposed in official descriptions of the Peninsula, such as Taiaroa Head with albatrosses, penguins and a historical fort with coastal artillery, but taking into account places particularly important for Poles and Polonuses at the start and finish – Port Chalmers and Broad Bay.

The landscapes of the Peninsula delighted me: the vicinity of numerous hills with steep slopes and a height of over 300 m with great waters. Also a varied coastline. “My” Szczecin also has great waters and hills, but not so high and picturesque.

In the past, with my wife and friends, we practiced (mainly in Poland) mountain tourism. We always walked with the map and associated the views we saw with their image on the map. That’s probably why looking at the photos gives me full pleasure when the image of the landscape can be placed on the map even though the author of the photo did not describe it enough. Sometimes such placement is a tedious occupation, but it is a great brain gymnastics and, if successful, gives the feeling of “as if you were THERE in real life”.

I admit that I developed these slides mainly for myself and friends in Poland. But maybe among the Dunedinians there will also be interested? Because it often happens that you do not know the surroundings of your city well “because it is so close that I will always be able to go there!”.



Spring has finally arrived in Szczecin. Temperatures are already slightly higher than in Dunedin (these I track in my iPhone), and the days are much longer – already almost 16 hours. But spring and summer in Poland will pass quickly, and then spring in Dunedin will begin to bloom.