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Books about the Polish Settlers



Polish Settlers to Marshland 1872History of Marshland, Christchurch, New Zealand – Family History – Szymanski Brothers – Sons Of Mathias Szymanski & Family Tree. Revised Edition 1872 – 2020. 171 pages.

Letters To Polish Settlers In New Zealand Kept Safe In A Biscuit Tin For 148 years; A 148 year old Biscuit Tin of Borkowski Letters 1872 – 1913. First Printed in 2012. Revised in 2018. Printed in 2020. 74 pages.


Books for purchase are $35.00 each.                                                   Payments can be made to Acc: 15-3948-0417816-26

Please contact the author, Sister Martha Szymanska for a copy; saint.stan75@gmail.com


Books by Thelma Mary Szymanska, 

Religiuse Norte Dame des Mission,

Sister Mary St. Martha R.N.D.M.

Dame of the Order of St. Stanislas.

D. C. St. S.